First, everything died.

Then things got weird…

Not that that has ever mattered to you. You had the good fortune to be born in Drumhaven, a small environmentally sealed community developed generations ago. While the world burned, and then flooded, and then warped, the inhabitants of Drumhaven lived out their idyllic, pastoral lives, in a perfectly balanced micro-ecology.

Of course, to maintain a perfect balance, sometimes you have to shed some ballast. Which is where your story starts.

The annual “Excess Population Lottery” has come and gone, and out of the entire population of Drumhaven, you are one of the lucky ones. “Lucky” in the sense of doomed, that is. You have been handed a pack of donated survival gear, shoved into an airlock, and politely informed by the nice people with the ray-rifles that if you come back you’ll be tortured and killed. On the upside, you’re not alone: a few other people were shoved into the airlock with you.

You’d heard the phrase “lucked out” before. Now you get to live it.

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